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September Special Winner of $100

We love doing give aways! Here is our happy September winners of the $100 in accessories James and his sweetheart Saundra.

Nos encanta hacer regalos! He aquí nuestros felices ganadores de septiembre de los $100 en accesorios James y su novia de Saundra.


Featured in monthly spotlight – Cellular Repair School

We are pleased to announce that we were asked to be featured in the “monthly spotlight” for Cellular Repair School for encouragement to other students at this wonderful campus, and for purposes of building student base there as we attended a couple courses there ourselves! Take a look! What a privilege, we highly recommend this school.



Customer Service

We guarantee customer satisfaction! Our excellent customer Ed, was delighted with his HTC screen repairs this past week. Did you know that many old cell phones are still able to be repaired? Yes, we can still find original parts for your phones! Technology is amazing.

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No Limits

Welcome back! We are happy to share our first blog experience with you! A few days ago we repaired a set of old “Beats” headphones. Are you attached to your older headsets? There is still hope in repairs. Our customer was so happy. NO LIMITS here at InterWireless Electronics!